Finally : Zentyal 8

After a !LOT! of problems about the project, zentyal released the 8th version of tis small business server.

We get back a lot of thing, got a new doking platform packaged to it, but we have all the related issues, what I already wrote earlyer:

  • Mail log goes to mail.log and syslog also which means more load on the mail server
  • Other log related issues (amavisd and dovecot log also not separated)
  • Let’s encrypt is working but the same way as earlier. You have to do it from command line with making fixed stubs about functions. ( I wanna blog it soon)
  • Install a bit problematic, but could working, be patient!

Despite these things, the Zentyal 8 is finally here, and it is working out of the box (I just did the install and configuration some mail domains)

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