O365 cloud exchange and Zentyal On premise cooperation!

O365 now will start a basic knowledge of IT.

One of my clients asked me to check the cooperation capabilities of not a Microsoft hybrid exchange environment but the cooperation of O365 cloud and Zentyal small business server.

I also added some complication, based on emails are not arrived at the enviroment from the cloud side but the on-premise site. ( I did the forwarding emails to the right places with an email security gateway, this time, with fortimail).

From a beginner it is hard to understand a lot of o365 knowledge, to define the type of domain, and a lot of things.

  1. You have to change a lot of DNS entries to manage your domain with O365. A record to discover entry MX record to mail and of course spf record to authorise emails from cloud.
  2. Do not forget to restore MX records after the domain authorization process if you would like to use your on-premise enviroment in the future.
  3. You have to change your domain to internal relay. This setting will allow o365 to search missed mailboxes on the on premise email server (this way was easier)
  4. You have to create the connectors on o365 to onpremise and the opposite direction also
  5. On fortimail, we have to trust the O365 site, because emails come form a protected domaina to a protected domain.
  6. On fortimail we also have to set up and allow email routing feature
  7. We have to find a way to tell zentyal (postfix based email server) to search mailboxes in the cloud enviroment. In this time I use the external mail account aliases feature. (on o365 site i made and an entry to user email address with his *company*.onmicrosoft.com domain. And use this on on premise email sever as external mail alias.

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